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I have been writing this blog for my Online Journalism class. Now that the semester is over, I will not have time to continue Inkspiration Stories. As a farewell, here are my favorite posts.

5. Math Inspires NCIS Star’s Tattoos

Pauley Perrette may not be the biggest celebrity that has been featured on this blog. However, I find that she has the most interesting stories. How many people can you think of that can go on Letterman and mention binary code and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

4. Top Six Tattoo Sites

If you needed more proof that exploring the Internet will bring up interesting and bizarre things, look no further. Karen L. Hudson, who works for, writes about everything related to tattoos. For those who want to read about bizarre tattoos, Oddee has the story for you.

3. These are Tattoos of Her Favorite Things

Kelly Garrity, a student at Empire Beauty School, shows off her nature inspired tattoos.

2. Top Six Tattoo Songs

Music is part of pop culture and so are tattoos. This list is what happens when the two come together. Included in this lists is a song about a woman covering up an ex-boyfriends name as well as a song about a man wanting his girlfriend to be covered in tattoos. 

1.Father Introduces Daughter to Tattoos

Some families go to the movies. Other families go to a restaurant. Liz Adams’ family goes to the tattoo parlor.


{May 6, 2011}   Tattoos and the Workplace

Tattoos are now part of the mainstream culture, but employers still do not like visible tattoos. College students will eventually join the workforce. Some will have tattoos, others will not.

Mike Worthy, 34, is a senior Radio/TV/Film major. He worked at Cumberland County College and has seen his fellow employees have problems because of their tattoos. “I knew someone with flames on his arms. Someone in the administration complained about it, but he did his job,” Mike said, “As long as the tattoo doesn’t affect their work performance or isn’t too offensive. I don’t have a problem. It’s their skin. Let them do what they do.”

Mike said that he understands why some people find certain body art offensive. “Some religious people find tattoos offensive, especially those with a skull or a crucifix.”

Tattoos in Visible Places

Sophomore Radio/TV/Film Major David Ferguson wants a tattoo, even though he does not know what he will get yet. He said, “I am going to get a tattoo on my back and on my shoulder because I was always told if I do get tattoos to get them in places where no one can see them.”

Samantha Smith, a freshman Radio/TV/Film major, said, “I really want a tattoo. It would be nice to have one, probably song lyrics, something that means a lot to me. Not just any random tattoo because it stays with you forever.”

Sam said she wants the tattoo to be on her wrist, even though she said I feel that employers believe it is less professional. “I don’t see why a tattoo should affect their job performance, she said.

What if you were the employer?

Math and Education Major Maya Cato will never get a tattoo. She said, “I won’t get a permanent one because I will get bored with it. I can definitely see myself looking at it a year later and wishing something else was there.”

She said, “In education, tattoos are viewed as exceedingly unprofessional. Most parents don’t like the idea of a teacher with a tattoo. If I were hiring I would be on the look out for gang tattoos. Other than that I could not care less.”

For more information:
Fox News has an article about how some employers are becoming more accepting of tattoos. advises employers how to handle tattoos in the workplace.

WAPT, ABC 16 in Jackson, Mississippi, provides information on the tattoo policies of some major companies, such as Disney.

Need proof employers are more accepting of tattoos?
stltoday has some examples.

If you have a tattoo, you might want to join the Facebook group Tattoo Acceptence in the Workplace.

{April 23, 2011}   “Weird Al” and a Tribal Tattoo

James Bracciante

Junior Radio/Television/Film major James Bracciante has a tribal tattoo on his left wrist and a “Weird Al” Yankovic tattoo on his right leg.

James' Tribal Tattoo

James said, “I got the tribal pattern tattoo on my eighteenth birthday as a birthday present from my best friend. It was June 2010. I told him what tattoo I wanted when I was 14 and he kept a four year promise to pay for my first tattoo on my eighteenth birthday.”

The “Weird Al” tattoo was completed over two sessions in late 2010 and early 2011. James said, “The Weird Al tattoo represents an aspect of my life that is both long and filled with memories. I became a fan in 1999 when Al released a Star Wars parody of American Pie. In 2005, I became involved in the online fan forum: ‘World of Weird Al Yankovic.’ I’ve since met Al on numerous occasions, been to 9 live shows with 3 more coming up this year, flown to California to go to a Weird Al Convention, made friends from around the world, listened to a lot of Weird Al songs, and purchased a lot of Weird Al memorabilia on eBay.”

"Weird Al" playing the accordion.

Both tattoos were done at Evolution Tattoo Studio in Mantua. Brian Gormley, who was an understudy to William Webb at the time, did the tribal tattoo. Webb was the artist who did the “Weird Al” tattoo. “William charges $150 an hour due to his skill and schedule, so it would have cost $1650. However, since he was very excited about the idea of my tattoo he charged me $500 all said and done,” James said.

For those who are looking to get a tattoo, James said, “Remember to put just as much time into picking out the artist as you do the design. Find someone with a portfolio that appeals to you, is consistent, and is quality. Never shop for a tattoo based on price. When the artwork is permanent you look for talent not a deal.”

In honor of James’ tattoo and “Weird Al’s” new album, Perform This Way, a parody of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, is below.

Photos Courtesy of James Bracciante.

{April 23, 2011}   Thirteen Tattoos is a Lucky Number

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Angel Tesoro has 13 tattoos. ““I had always been fascinated by tattoos. I got them for different reasons, sort of like a yearbook of my life, each tattoo ties to certain memories or inspirations at different times in my life. Some are tributes, inspirations that I live by every day, a tribute to my mom who passed away, but something that is true about all of them is that they’re symbolic of good times and bad,” she said, “They bring back the feelings that are tied to a specific memory. I like that I can look at my wrists or in a mirror my back and have a moment to myself to enjoy a member.”

Angel has three kanji symbol tattoos because she likes Japanese culture. She said, “I think the Japanese culture is pretty cool and the symbols themselves are really beautiful, I had seen a lot of kanji symbols on some of my music icons and so the draw became even stronger.”

The first tattoo she ever got was the symbol for “angel”. Her other two kanji tattoos are the symbols for “mother” and “father.”

One of her other tattoos is the number 13 and a pair of dice with flames displaying the number seven. Angel said, “The dice was just an awesome design I came across and in the Italian culture, I’m 100 percent Italian, the number 13 is a symbol of good luck. Here in our culture it’s more of a controversial symbol, so that adds a little fun.”

Angel’s other tattoos are “Tesoro” in script, her husband’s name in script, an ornate flower, her favorite band’s name, Ratt, with the lead singers autographed initials, a dagger going through a rose and a heart with a drop of blood, Alice Cooper’s eyes with a 13, and a cross with “mommy” written inside and the phrase “something to believe in” going around the cross. She also has the lyric “if you wanna live life on your own terms, gotta be willing to crash and burn,” which is from the Mötley Crüe song Primal Scream.

Angel said, “I think tattoos are a beautiful way of expressing yourself, but only if done with true meaning and not just a way to ‘fit in.’ I think Nikki Sixx, the tattooed bassist of Motley Crue, said it best in one of his books when he said ‘don’t judge me by the colors of my skin.’”

Photos courtesy of Angel Tesoro.

{April 7, 2011}   Matching Tattoo Ideas

Inkspiration Stories recently featured Ashley Super and Samantha Super, who are sisters with matching tattoos. The following websites contain some of the wackiest tattoos as well as some ideas for anyone who wants to get a matching tattoo.

Are you a dedicated gamer? You might want to reconsider once you see how Josh Roelink shows his love for Sega’s Yakuza series.

If getting the same tattoo as your favorite video game character is not your thing, you might want to consider a matching tattoo with a friend or loved one. Designs of Tattoos has some ideas and Oddee has the 12 Coolest Matching Tattoo Ideas.

Made Man and Inked Nation have tattoo ideas and advice for people who are interested specifically in best friend tattoos.

Celebrity couple Katy Perry and Russell Brand even have a matching tattoo.

{April 7, 2011}   A Giraffe, a Music Note, and a Permanent Tribute to Her Grandfather

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Darrah Foster,  a senior PR/Journalism double major at Rowan University, has three tattoos. She answered a few questions about them.

When did you get your tattoos?

I was 17 when I got my first tattoo, the giraffe, and I was 19 when I got my other two tattoos. The second and third were done on the same day.

What are your tattoos?

I have a giraffe tattoo, a music note, and a heart with my grandfather’s initials and birth year and death year.

Why did you get them?

I got the giraffe because I love them! I also wanted something different than what every other girl was getting at that time (tribal). The music note meant a lot to me because I used to sing and record songs. Singing is a big part of my life. The one of my grandfather was actually not a part of my initial plan in getting the music note tattoo. The artist told me that I could not get the small music note alone and would have to do something else; therefore, I chose to honor my grandpop.

Where are they?

The giraffe is in the middle of my lower back. The music note is on my right shoulder and the heart is on my right hip in the back.

Why did you get them?

I got them because I felt that they were an expression of my personality and I could cover them. I imagine myself in my wedding dress the day of my wedding and the only one people will see is the music note.

What tattoo parlor did you get them at?

I got my first tattoo at Body Expressions, which is now closed, in Pitman, NJ. My other two were done at Headlight Tattoo in Deptford, NJ.

What do your parents think of them?

My mom was with me for all three. She has six tattoos. My dad did not say a word about them.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

All of my tattoos are in black and white because I really don’t want to have color because it fades. My next tattoo will be a Flyers tattoo on my foot under the ankle bone. I may get the orange color, but I am not sure.

{April 1, 2011}   Sisters Have Matching Tattoos

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Ashley and Samantha Super, who are sisters, have matching tattoos on their feet of a purple sun. The Supers originally got the idea for the tattoo early in high school when they got the design as matching henna tattoos on their wrists. Sammie said, “It is a sun because we go to the beach every summer, so it was something that was part of our life that we really enjoy.”

“Their purple because we didn’t want to go completely black, but we didn’t want to do a lighter color because it would fade faster, so we really like this dark purple color,” Ashley said.

Ashley and Sammie got the tattoos done at Patrick Tattoo in West Collingswood Heights.

{April 1, 2011}   Top Six Tattoo Songs

As tattoos have become mainstream, songs about them are no longer found only in punk rock. While this list is heavy on the punk songs, there is a dance influenced pop song as well as a blues song included.

6. Cadillac Moon- Show Me Your Tattoo

5. Rehab- Last Tattoo

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{March 31, 2011}   Father Introduces Daughter to Tattoos

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Liz Adams, a model from Maple Shade, NJ, has several tattoos. Her father got her interested in tattoos and goes usually goes with her when she gets another one. She has gotten most of her tattoos, except the ones her friends have done, at Sick Creations in West Deptford.

She says, “Most of my tattoos represent peace and love. My wrists, which have ‘paix et amour’, the French words for peace and love, are pretty self-explanatory as well as the peace sign heart and smiley face on my hand. My hand tattoo was also done by one of my best friends, who is an aspiring artist, so it’s like a best friend tattoo for us. The bat wings on my lower back is the beginning of my back piece and was the first tattoo I ever go. The butterfly on my ankle was extremely spontaneous and I got it when my dad got my name tattooed on him. My chest piece represents peace by the doves, and the rose for my middle name. It is no where near finished.”

“I have my whole body planned out,” she says, “Don’t ever let someone talk you out of a tattoo or influence your decision about it. It is your body do as you please.”

Photos courtesy of Liz Adams.

{March 26, 2011}   Tattoo is Dedicated to Jesus

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Keith Miller, a sophomore theatre arts education and philosophy and religion major, has a tattoo that symbolizes his love for Jesus and Christianity.

The tattoo, which is located on his left arm, is of a cross with nails, the glow of lights, and the words “No Greater Love.” Keith said, “I got it because it symbolizes the Lord’s death and his coming back. No Greater love is because no one else would give their life just for you to have eternal life.”

Keith is also an ordained minister. He said, “I’ve always been a Christian, but I didn’t know about not getting tattoos.”

Even though his religion does not permit tattoos, Keith said that he will probably get the Lion of Judah, which symbolizes praise, and when he has children he will get their names tattooed.

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